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Atco Post 311
Troop 251
BSA 251
Daycare Online Book
Universal Orlando
Magic Video Depot
Think Geek
Mark Daniel's Website
IMS Magic Academy Website
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Interesting Web Pages

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KIDabra Friends and Dealers

Mark Daniel's Website
Magical Story Teller in the Library
Magical Story Teller in the Theater
Magical Story Teller in the Theatre
Steve Axtell
Mike Bent Abrakidabra
Mike Bent Magic
Bruce Bray
Trixie Bond
Art Work for Clown and Magicians (Coloring Page)
Chalet Illusions
Terry Evanswood at Wonder Works
Terry Evanswood
Magic Beyond Belief
Julian Franklin
Scott Francis
David Ginn
Dave Hill
BJ Hickman
Dazzling Magic (Marty And Brenda Hahne)
Jeff Jones' Magic Backdrops
Steve Kissell
David Kaye (Silly Billy)
David Kaye: (
Duane Laflin
Joe Lefler
Barry Mitchell
Melanie Michaels: Fairy Twinkletoes
Brad Machett
Dave Risley
Nathan J. Roberts (Royality Free Music)
Ralph the Great
Ken Scott
Ken Scott Magic Products
Samuel Patrick Smith
Tim Sonefelt Wonder Imagery
Steve Taylor Magic

Kidabra Chapter 1 Websites Friends

KIDabra Chapter 1 Website
Mike Miller
Bruce Langrock
Dennis Michael Dowhy:Magical Birthday Party
Dennis Michael Dowhy:FundRaising Entertainment
Dennis Michael Dowhy:Daycare Magic
Dennis Michael Dowhy:Multi-Purpose Levitation
Dennis Michael Dowhy:School Assembly Shows
Jeff Carson Magic
Jeff Carson Show
Jeff Carson: The Magic Librarian
Jeff Carson: Touched By Lightning
Donna Horn's Wafer Mache
Magic by Donna Horn
John Domalewski
John Domalewski Rabbit in Hat
Dennis Thomas Giovine
Rich Lessig
Joe & Bobbie Festa
Jerry Remenicky
Mark and Tami Daniel
Mark Daniel
Jeff Pennell
John Bobik
Magic By Reba
McDonnell's Magic
McDonald's Magic
John Carlson Website

Potential Shows

Backstage: Theme Parks Auditions
Festivals & Fairs Directory

Magician Friends

Arthur Stead

Audio and Sound Equipment

Portable PA Amplifiers
Audio Links Dealer
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Two Common Problems
Some Useful Accessories

Wireless Basics
Why Wireless?
Selecting A Wireless System - What Do You Need?
Selecting Frequencies
Selecting Microphones For Wireless
Using Microphones With Wireless
Using Musical Instruments With Wireless

Wireless Quick Tips
Wireless Microphones - The Basics
Success With Wireless
Avoiding Interference
Maximizing Range
Using More Than One Wireless System
Avoiding Feedback
Wearing Wireless
When It Isn't Working

Advanced Wireless
UHF Versus VHF
Diversity Versus Non-diversity
Types Of Interference
Resolving Interference Problems
Frequency Conflicts
Maximizing Range
Squelch Techniques
Using Multiple Systems
Antennas And Cables

Magic Dealers

A-1 MagicalMedia
Abbott's Magic Company
Alladin's Magic Shop
Arjan's Show-Biz Centre
Ammar Magic

Ben Harris' Professional Performance Material
Bob James' Magic Shop
Bob King Magic
Bradbury's New & Used Magic Books
Brad Burt's Magic Shop

Camirand Academy of Magic
Collectors' Workshop
Conjurer Magic Shop

The D'Lite Site
Daytona Magic
Dazzling Magic
Denny & Lee Magic Studio 
Diamond Jim's Magic Shoppe
Diamond's Magic
Dick Barry's Magic
Douglas Tilford Magic

Earth's Largest Magic Shop ó The Magic Area
Elmwood Magic

Fitch Magic (Bob Fitch)
Fun, Incorporated

Ginn, David Ginn

H & R Magic Books
Hank Lee's Magic Factory
Hocus Pocus Magic Shop
Houdini's Magic Shop

I Saw That!

Jaw Droppers
John Cornelius Magic
John Kennedy Magic

Kevin James Magic
Klamm Magic
Kalver, Bruce: Top Hat Production

Magic, Inc.
Magical Fun Discount Magic Store
Magic Enhancer
Magically Yours
Magic Auction
The Magic Bookstore
Magic Connection
Magic Geek
The Magic Key
Magic Makers
Magic Masters
The MagicSmith
The Magic Supply Co.
The Magic Warehouse
Mark Wilson Magic
Mickey Hades
Mogar's Magic (Joe Mogar)
Morrissey Magic
Murphy's Magic Supplies

Nielsen Magic
Nielsen Vanishing Bottles

P & A Silks
Practical Magic
Precision Magic
Purely Magic

Remote Control Magic
Repro Magic

S.S. Adams Company
Samuel Patrick Smith
Sasco, Inc.
See-More Magic Shop
Silk King Magic
Simplex Magic
Steve Taylor Magic
Stevens Magic Emporium

T.A. Hamilton's World of Magic
Tannen's Magic Shop
Tenyo Magic - The Official Site
Tenyo World
Tripper The Electronic Monkey
T. Myers Magic
Top Hat Productions
The Trickery
Trickshop International Co.

Vernet Magic
Viking's Collectors' Workshop

Wild Colombini
Wizard Craft
Wolf's Magic

Conventions/Conferences/Local Events

Local Club Schedule
KIDabra Photo Gallery
Martini's Magic
Bob Little's Super Sunday
Jersey Jam (NJ)
Magician Allience of Eastern States
Society of American Magicians
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Vent Haven
More Events Detailed

Magic Magazine Convention List by Name
Magic Magazine Convention List by Date

Magic Theaters

Grasso's Magic Theatre: Philadelphia, PA
Magic Castle: Hollywood: CA
Magic CastleSchedule: CA
CA Magic Theatre: San Francisco, CA
Magic Island: Houston Texas (Closed 2011)
Comedy & Magi Club: Hermosa Beach, CA
Monday Night Magic: NYC, New York
Houdini Museum: PA
Mystique Theatre: Chubbuck, Idaho
Golden Garter Theater, Stevenson, WA (Steve Taylor's Theater)
Montana Wonder Theater, Libby, Montana (Duane Laflin's Theater)
Magicopolis, CA
Warren & Annabelle's Magic Club, Hawaii
Le Grand David Spectacular Magic Company: Mass.
The Mystery Lounge: Mass.
Branson Magic Shows: Missouri
Bransonís Magic Show Guide: Missouri Magic Show Guide: LV, Nevada
Las Vegas Review-Journal Magic Show Guide: LV, Nevada
The Mac King Comedy Magic Show: LV, Nevada
Penn & Teller: LV, Nevada
The Magic Underground: LV, Nevada
Kozak The Magician: NJ
Chamber Magic: NY
THE QUANTUM EYE - Magic Deceptions: NY
Esther's Follies: TX
Rick Wilcox Magic And Comedy Show: Wis.

Magic Clubs

Local Club Schedule
KIDabra Chapter #1 (4th Monday)
SAM #4, Philadelphia, PA (3rd Thursday)
International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 165(1st Monday)
Magician Allience of Eastern States
Society of American Magicians
International Brotherhood of Magicians
International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6 (2nd Monday)
International Magicians Society (IMS)
IMS Magic Academy
Magic Castle

Magic BBS/Discussion/Forums:

Magic BBSNotes
Magic Cafe
Genii Forum
KIDabra! PHP Forum
Tom Boleware Pine Belt Magic
Magic Cafe Books: Listings of Table of Contents
Magic Talk

Facebook Groups

KIDabra International
KIDabra Chapter #1
Magician Allience of Eastern States
Harry Blackstone
Bob Little's Super Sunday
Grasso's Magic Theater
Steve Axtell's Puppets

Illusion Sites

3-in-1 Levitation
Levitation Illusions
Building: Discussion
Chadwick Illusions
Chalet Illusions
Dream Illusions
Extreme Reality
Illusion Book
Illusion Hotline
Illusion Tips
Illusion Tips
IllusionsArts Magic
Illusions 4 Sale
Illusions Auction
Illusion Store
Enchanted Woodshop
Magic Makers
Magicraft Design
Michelangelo Magic Works
Osborne Illusion Designs
Owens Magic
Oz Illusions
George Richbark's Illusions
Bill Smith's Illusions
Splashes Creative Services
Jim Steinmeyer's Illusions
Tannen Illusions
Tilford Illusions
Wellington Enterprises
Voitko Magic Best Levitation and Appearance
Zigmont Magic FX

Illusionists: Well Known

Lance Burton
David Copperfield
Kevin James Magic
Jeff McBride
Terry Evanswood
Mark Wilson
Wacky Dracky

Magic Auctions

Magic Auctions
eBay - Magic Auction Listings
Martinka Museum of Magic Auctions
Ron Allesi Magic Auction
Bid-On-Magic Auction

Magic Auction Site

Dove Magic
Illusions Foreign
Illusion Plans
Illusions Unknown
Illusions: Mark Wilson
Magic Sets
Sound Systems
Special FX
Sponge Balls
Video: New
Video: Used

Video Clips

John Bunday's Halloween Spooktacular Illusions Videos
Wacky Dracky Website (March2006)
Light Tubes thru the Body
Weird Science: Crystal Casket & Disembodied Princess
Things go Bump in the Night:Modern Cabinet & Modern Art
Asrah Levitation
Thin Sawing in Half Illusion & Tipover Trunk Illusion
Menu of Illusions

Dancing Ballerina Hank
Money Mystery
Cartoon Cards
Chop Cup
Professor's Cheer Comedy Rope
Ear Plugs
3D Multiplying Rabbits
The Web (Spider Card)
Production From Silk
Geek MAgic
Three Shell Game
Kids Cards

Vivvo Sites

Assumption School
Assumption Parish
Assessment Exams

TV Magic Listings

TV Magic Guide
TV Magic Listings
Magic Times

Magic Magazines

Funny Paper Magazine
Linking Ring
Magic Magazine

Fund Raisers

Kaplan's Fund Raising Magic Main Course
Kaplan's Fund Raising Magic
Kaplan's Upgrade Fund Raising Magic
Kaplan's Fund Raising Products
Kaplan's We Like Magic Show
Fund Raising Entertainment

Books/Book Stores

Barnes & Nobel
Fitzkee Books Exposure

Magic Book Contents: Listings of Table of Contents(Different then Below)

Magic Book Contents: Listings of Table of Contents
Magic Book Contents: Listed by Author
Magic Book Contents: Listed by Category
Magic Book Contents: Listed by Title
Magic Book Contents: Add New Book

Great Web Designers

Alan Kindred Designs
Websites 4 Magician
Elgin Designs for Entertainers

CGI/PHP/Scripts Theaters

CGI Resource
Dynamic Drive
PHP Resource
PHP Scripts
Java Script
Hot Scripts

School Databases

PTA/PTO Organizations:
PTO Today National Site
National Association of Elementary School Principals
Fundraising and Entertainers (Good Reading)

Governmental listings of Schools
Get NCES ED resource for School information and Contact names
Government Information on Public School Listings

Private Listing of Schools
Schools in Your Area
Schools in Your Area
American School Directory

Magicianís advertise here

Interesting Places:
Good book for understanding school assemblies (Sammy Smith Sells this Also)
Policy regarding Children TV Shows
Activity book items and theme resource
School Assembly Guide
Magic Song Writer
Magic Programs
Home Theater Links

Personal Websites

Group 1: Personal Magic Sites
Magical Birthday Party (05 February 2014)
Daycare Magic (19 Dec 2010)
School Assembly Shows (07 November 2011)
Fundrasising Entertainment (20 April 2014)
Magic-Magic (02 November 2012)
Levitation Illusion (19 June 2015)
Dowhy (13 June 2013)
Magic Town USA (17-Aug-2013)
IMS Magic Academy (10-Nov-2013)

Assumption. Sites
Assumption Parish Atco (10 Jan 2012)
Assumption school Atco (01 Jan 2014)

Personal Misc. Fire Sites
Fire Assessment Exams (Org)(06 Nov 2012)

Group 2: Individuals
Amazing Bill the Magician (25 Sept 2012)
McDonnell's Magic (31 Oct 2013)
McDonald's Magic (31 Oct 2013)
Morts's Magic (17 Jan 2014)
Bob Little's Super Sunday (06 May 2012)
Martini's Magic (10 February 2012)
Miller's Magic (07 March 2012)
Ken Scott Products (14 Aug 2013)
Donna Horn's Wafer Mache (03 June 2014)
Magic by Donna Horn14 Mar 2014
Wade Magic Products (21 July 2013)
Magic By Reba (10 May 2013)
A 2 Z Magic Store (28 Mar 2014)

Group 3:Jeff Carson
Jeff Carson Magic (25 Sep 2011)
Jeff Carson Show (01 oct 2011)
The Magic Librarian (11 Aug 2012)
Touched By Lightning (28 Mar 2014)

Group 4: Organizations
SAM 4 (ORG) (19 April 2014)
IMS MAgic Academy (10 November 2013)
IBM Ring 165 (ORG) (08 April 2013) (14 Jan 2017)

Group 5: Genesis Designed Web Pages
Joel Solomon 

Mark Daniel'sHosting Package (17 Dec 2011)
KIDabra (ORG) (10 April 2013)
KIDabra (COM) (19 February 2012)
Magical Story Teller (COM) (05 July 2019)
The Magical Story Teller (COM) (25 Jun 2014)
Magical Story Teller in the Library26 Jun 2014
Magical Story Teller in the Theater(2 May 2014)
Magical Story Teller in the Theatre(2 May 2014)

Personal Websites Due Dates

(2011) 25-Sep-11 Jeff Carson Magic
(2011) 01-Oct-11 Jeff Carson Show
(2011) 07-Nov-11 School Assembly Shows
(2012) 10-Jan-12 Assumption Parish Atco
(2012) 10-Feb-12 Martini's Magic
(2012) 07-Mar-12 Miller's Magic
(2012) 06-May-12 Bob Little's Super Sunday
(2012) 27-Jun-12 BSA 251
(2012) 11-Aug-12 The Magic Librarian
(2012) 25-Sep-12 Amazing Bill the Magician
(2012) 25-Sep-12 Kidabra 1
(2012) 02-Nov-12 Magic-Magic
(2012) 06-Nov-12 Fire Assessment Exams
(2013) 08-Apr-13 IBM Ring 165
(2013) 10-May-13 Magic By Reba
(2013) 18-May-13 Bruce Bray Fund
(2013) 13-Jun-13 Dowhy
(2013) 21-Jul-13 Wade Magic Products
(2013) 14-Aug-13 Ken Scott Products
(2013) 17-Aug-13 Magic Town Usa
(2013) 31-Oct-13 McDonalds Magic
(2013) 31-Oct-13 McDonnells Magic
(2013) 10-Nov-13 IMS Magic Academy
(2013) 24-Nov-13 Capehart's Magic
(2014) 19-Dec-13 Day Care Magic
(2014) 17-Jan-14 Mort's Magic
(2014) 05-Feb-14 Magical Birthday Party
(2014) 15-Feb-14 Illusion Shows
(2014) 01-Mar-14 A2Z Magic Store
(2014) 14-Mar-14 Magic by Donna Horn
(2014) 28-Mar-14 Touched by Lightning
(2014) 19-Apr-14 Sam 4
(2014) 20-Apr-14 Fundraising Entertainment
(2014) 02-May-14 Magical Storyteller in the Theater
(2014) 02-May-14 Magical Story Teller in the Theatre
(2014) 03-Jun-14 Wafermache
(2014) 25-Jun-14 The Magical Storyteller
(2014) 26-Jun-14 Magical Storyteller in the Library
(2014) 02-Aug-14 Elusive Moth
(2014) 25-Aug-14 Assumption School Atco
(2015) 19-Jun-15 Levitation Illusion
(2017) 14-Jan-17 Atco Post 311
(2019) 10-Apr-19 Kidabra International
(2019) 05-Jul-19 Magical Storyteller